ABC series: Intro to UX/UI - Workshop C

Workshop C

Get introduced to User Centric Web Design and its application across different work environments and industries. Understand how to approach web and application design from the UX point of view. Explore the different areas of expertise in UX. Learn to identify design problems and work through the basic steps of the UX design process. Get hands-on experience creating User Personas and practice how to use them in your design process. Create a basic workflow and wireframe a basic website or application. Prepare Usability tests for various Use Cases and conduct a sample test in your group.

Wireframes and User Flow will be our key topic for this class

Who Is This Course For? 
  • Anyone who wants to learn what UX/UI is
  • Anyone considering entering UX/UI or web design field
  • Web designers who wants to practice approaching design form the UX point of view
What Will You Learn? 
• Working with clients • Working with User Personas • User research
User workflow creation • Wireframing
Usability tests
Mon, Oct 1 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Newburgh Free Library
124 Grand St
Newburgh, NY 12550