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Using Templates in Google Docs to Create and Share Your Resume

Using Templates in Google Docs to Create and Share Your Resume
​About the webinar: In this webinar we will show you how to create a resume using Google Docs. The goal is to help you gain confidence in using Google Docs and its features. The following topics will be covered: 

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Pivoteer #4 - from Silicon Harlem to the Hudson Valley: The Case for Digital Resilience

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Pivoteers & Pioneers Episode 4 Silicoon Harlem Clayton Banks

On Friday, July 26, 2020, OpenHub livestreamed its 4th episode of its webisode series Pivoteers & Pioneers: Tech-Enabled Recovery in the Age of Social Distancing.

This episode of Pivoteers & Pioneers featured our tech hub neighbor...

Pivoteers and Pioneers: technology enabled recovery - webisode #3

We invite you to ask questions and explore our new interactive series
Pivoteers & Pioneers
Episode #3: Tele-Health Meets the Human Touch.

Featuring: MonitorMe

Monitor Me is a Poughkeepsie based tele-health company that will be sharing their story of how they adapted during the shutdown and how their experiences and learnings will affect their future business practices.
Pivoteers & Pioneers - Technology enabled recovery in the age of Social Distancing - MonitorMe, Friday June 12th, 3pm