Our mission is

  • Bringing people together around technology.
  • Creating an environment where people learn and work together benefiting and inspired by technology and collaboration, and match making them for the mutual empowerment.
  • Mentoring the youth and empowering professionals to share their best practices and grow as mentors.



We've been observing the lack of experienced tech workforce in Hudson Valley. We also see growing geek economy. Inspired by vision and opportunity to build a solid tech and startup ecosystem in Hudson Valley, NY we want to bring high quality intensive education and co-learning in technology and entrepreneurship. We create and design modern curriculum to learn modern tech skills, we deliver real life skills workshops and bootcamps with hands on technology and modern tools, we provide guidance and navigation leveraging existing open sourced educational resources, we collaborate in co-learning to bring the best practices in online and real time education to local audience. We believe we can do more together through collaboration and coordination, sharing resources, knowledge and projects.