This is Aarna Patel and I have worked with Open Hub and Yulia. They helped me open up and learn many skills in technology. Open Hub gave me many opportunities to succeed in tech. When I started working with Yulia in Girls Who Code I learned new coding languages, how to troubleshoot, and many other things, but I also learned self traits like how to speak up, share my ideas, and much more. I also took part in Hackathon and got 2nd place. It was a great experience for me. Right now I am learning the language C. It was amazing working with Yulia and Open Hub.


Aarna P - Jul 8, 2021

"OpenHub's bootcamps gave me the ability to put my tech skills into context in today's job market. Before joining, I felt like I'd fallen behind. My skills seemed fragmented. But after working with the amazing mentors at OpenHub, I've gained consolidated, up-to-date skills... not to mention the confidence to apply them!

Look out, tech industry... thanks to OpenHub, Jack is back!”

Jack L. - Jun 23, 2021

Amazing set of courses.  I knew absolutely nothing about building websites when I first started.  Not only were the instructors very clear about how they taught, but they were very patient and compassionate when helping me with something I didn't understand.  You also get to take the entire bootcamp a second time for free.  Who does that?!?! 

Since I took these courses, I have already started getting paid clients and am working on launching my own Web Development business.

Keep it up OpenHubProject!!!!

Dave J. - Nov 9, 2020

Knowledgeable instructors and talented assistance during office hours.  Office hours are valuable part of the course.

There is alot of material to cover in 4 classes, I wish it would be 6.

Jack L - Nov 9, 2020

I learned a lot about the web development process, and cannot wait to build my first site.
The instructors were excellent subject matter experts.  I love that the course is recorded for review and playback, so we can apply the content during the week.

I gained valuable experience on the components that comprise web development, front end and back-end.  I have the confidence to attempt my first project.

I learned valuable web development, scripting and programming skills, and howbetter to troubleshoot web based issues, as well as back-end web development.

I was surprised by the team work, and the intimacy with building relationships, and the pace of the course was perfect.

In the future, I would recommend that Zoom be a part of any in-person, instruction led courses.

Jack L. - Jun 15, 2020

The course  gifts  access to a mentor,  team,  self-education  and visioning  personal reflection based on the environmental challenges that are met through the course.  Each resource given helps any essential learner to be strongly guided and encourages the build of a great web developer.

Professional interactions are an eye opening experience to which the course was filled by many  unique career learners. Successfully  progress and membership skills were learned for being part of expanding platforms, businesses , and  more with websites.

Open conversations based on a theme of fear/hold up  to give members the confidence to receive feedback or another level of thinking. 

Sugey V. - Jun 15, 2020

Great web development boot camp - Shannah is a terrific and thorough instructor. She has a real knack for teaching beginners and more advanced students at once.  Epic debugging exercises were hugely beneficial to a better understanding  and greater grasp of web development. Highly

Shannah is terrific, and her prodding the class to share, contribute, and debug, makes for a great learning experience.
I gained a much better grasp of the theory of website structure, and a well paced dive into CSS.
Having a solid grasp on basic coding and website structure is HUGE when working with developers in project management.

I was surprised by the Input from other bright students!
I really enjoyed the debugging exercise of last class. Super fun and learned a ton.

Tricia L - May 4, 2020

Yulia is exceptionally knowledgeable about developing an online presence for your business. I was impressed with the time and attention she showed for me and the web site I was developing. 

Yulia broke the process of developing a web presence down to its very basics.  Especially being diligent about creating a mission and being clear about writing content.  I was interested in the technical aspects and her directives were clear.

Developing a web presence is not just about what it looks like on a computer or mobile device.  There is a great amount of background work in creating a successful website.  Yulia has a comprehensive knowledge of this important prep work.

Elizabeth C. - Jan 8, 2018

Each class could have been a course itself! Shannah was incredibly prepared for our time in the classroom and was attentive to each participant.  When I had difficulties outside of class she responded immediately.  Her goal was to have each student be a successful learner: Mission accomplished!

I learned the technical components of developing a website which was my interest from the beginning. I needed a course that walked me through the basics offline to online.  This class accomplished my goal.

When I enrolled I didn't expect to find so valuable  community of people that are invested in my success learning to develop a website.

Elizabeth C. - Jan 8, 2018