Each class could have been a course itself! Shannah was incredibly prepared for our time in the classroom and was attentive to each participant.  When I had difficulties outside of class she responded immediately.  Her goal was to have each student be a successful learner: Mission accomplished!

I learned the technical components of developing a website which was my interest from the beginning. I needed a course that walked me through the basics offline to online.  This class accomplished my goal.

When I enrolled I didn't expect to find so valuable  community of people that are invested in my success learning to develop a website.

Elizabeth C. - Jan 8, 2018

Yulia is exceptionally knowledgeable about developing an online presence for your business. I was impressed with the time and attention she showed for me and the web site I was developing. 

Yulia broke the process of developing a web presence down to its very basics.  Especially being diligent about creating a mission and being clear about writing content.  I was interested in the technical aspects and her directives were clear.

Developing a web presence is not just about what it looks like on a computer or mobile device.  There is a great amount of background work in creating a successful website.  Yulia has a comprehensive knowledge of this important prep work.

Elizabeth C. - Jan 8, 2018

This course gave me the tools to plan a effective website that draws in and keeps a user. I learned the importance of understanding the user, how to build an effective landing page, tools to engage the user, how to build the site structure and wire frames, and much more. I now understand the difference between a website and an effective website and ways to accomplish one.  As a graphic designer with primarily print experience, this class will help me offer a much needed service to my clients.

Marian McCorkle - Jan 2, 2018

I knew very little about web building and was intimidated by the process. This class was an easy to understand approach to coding HTML. The instructor took us through, step by step, as we built sites that started out simple and grew more complicated. I understand the process so much better than before and appreciate learning coding much more than leaning to use a program that codes for you. Knowing to code gives you more flexibility and the ability to problem solve HTML when things aren’t working. I no longer feel intimidated and look forward to Part II.

Marian McCorkle - Jan 2, 2018

After taking classes "Website Planning" and "Web Development I", I've realized putting together a Website is not just composing a bunch of information and pictures that are available on the internet. It's understanding what the information is about, who is the target audience, and what the target audience is supposed to take away from the website visit. The talent, professionalism, and knowledge the instructors bring to the class make it fun and easy to follow.

I plan to take the follow-on courses in order to gain more technical skills enabling me to build custom professional websites.

Karl A,  Kingston NY - Dec 19, 2017