We know you are an individual.

OpenHub offers learning opportunities with various mentors and teaching styles to optimize the possibilities for people with a variety of learning styles, and to give students the opportunity to see the same skill topic from different angles for a well-rounded understanding.

And we know you're busy.

Many of OpenHub's student members are already hard-working people with full-time jobs, who want to grow their skill set while they are juggling an already full life. So, we offer different options of how to take our courses so as to allow everyone the ability to attend the classes they want to.

We have four primary categories of learning forums:

  • Meet Ups - Free or very low cost informal gatherings to learn a coding or business topic, usually at an introductory level
  • Courses - These are single workshops or short workshop series that cover a skill or topic in-depth
  • Bootcamps - Suites of courses designed to take you from zero to sixty in a complete and well-rounded skill set
  • Mentors - For personalized one-on-one coaching for a particular project or skill you want help with

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