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StartupHV is focused on early-stage startups - from idea, to launch & beyond.

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StartupHV is focused on early-stage startups - from idea to launch & beyond. 


StartupHV is focused on early-stage startups - from idea to launch & beyond.



This course examines the interplay between clear business messaging and search engine optimization. Principles covered include: Niche Service, Location, Speed, Proper Website Structure, Blogs, Target Keywords, Tags, Metadata, Google Analytics basics, Google Search Console basics, AdWords basics, Tips and Tricks.

Not all websites are created equal. For your online business presence to yield maximum benefit to your business, all content on the site must be designed to communicate value to your ideal customer in an easy and natural way. In this course, students will learn how to define and plan their website content for the optimal conversion to the business goals. This course covers: content blocks and flow, user journey, graphic branding, calls to action, online marketing strategy, mockups and wireframes.

Writing Session 1: Educating and Enlightening Customers

Create your brochure or homepage with precise message and wording to appeal to the people who will become your best customers.

Writing Session 2: Blogs to Inform and Promote

Public Speaking Session 1: Making Clear and Effective Presentations