How many tech hub founders have transformed the digital divide?

How many tech hub founders are women?

In her own words, Dr. Yulia Ovchinnikova, founder of OpenHub, Hudson Valley's tech hub tells the history of solutions that transformed the Digital Divide in Russia.

She also talks of language and cultural accessibility issues between English and other alphabets and languages online.

How many tech hub founders can speak first-hand of their...

Pivoteers and Pioneers in the New Age of Social Distancing

Discovery webisodes: Challenges and Opportunities exposed by COVID-19

Free Webinar Series: OpenHub , in collaboration with HVTechFest is offering a series of online public meetings exploring economic development challenges and opportunities during the unprecedented COVID-19 public health crisis. The focus will be on the current challenges and the urgent need for rapid tech development for local businesses and individuals...

OpenHub’s Rapid Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Transition to online learning for the Web Development Bootcamp:

  • On March 13, 2020, Web Development Bootcamp Mentor Shannah White sent an email to her students: Web Dev classes moving to ONLINE forum. Three days later, Hudson Valley’s technology hub known as OpenHub was online teaching classes using Zoom.
  • March 18, 2020 Governor Cuomo announced school shutdowns statewide would go
  • ...

Why Graphical Designers are interested in Web Development / Coding Bootcamp

Web designer creates the look of a web site. He/She chooses imagery, colors, fonts, and the layout of the page. Designer weaves branding into the page, designs light and motion. The end result of design is an image, PDF or a mockup. 
Wed Development boot camp teaches to take a design and convert it into HTML / CSS code....