October StartupHV at Newburgh

On October 17th we will have several startups pitching to local investors. Come learn and practice your pitch. Meet local investors (see bios below). Apply to present & pitch - send us a DM!

Suggestions for startups to prepare:

  • - 1 min pitch (teaser, no slides). Usually contains your What and Why, Value, Traction and Call to Action.
  • - 10 min pitch (with slides). May include: Teaser, Problem-Solution, Customer Profile, Value Prop, Competitors, Financial metrics, Team profiles, Call to Action

Startups pitching:

May StartupHV - at Newburgh

StartupHV is focused on early-stage startups - from idea to launch & beyond.


Do you have an idea for a product or business? Do you have a working business? Or maybe you are an inventor of things? Do you have the best pitch for your business / product / idea?
Whatever you are thinking or dreaming of (or perhaps have take action steps already) this workshop is for you!