Pivoteers and Pioneers

Pivoteers and Pioneers features local businesses

investigating how technology helped businesses adapt during the pandemic shutdown


When: Thursday, August 27th, 2020  from:  5:00 - 6:00 pm

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Presented by: OpenHub and HVTechFest

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OpenHub, in advance of HVTechFest 2020, invites you to participate in our new, interactive webisode series featuring local businesses, sharing stories about how technology helped businesses adapt during the pandemic shutdown. OpenHub believes sharing these stories can help make a difference for the recovery of our local economy.

What to expect: Pivoteers and Pioneers is an interactive discussion that shares stories of local businesses who were able to turn challenges into opportunities using technology during the pandemic shutdown. We believe sharing these lessons can help make a difference for the re-opening of the economy.

Stories where small businesses had to:

  • Reconsider customers needs
  • Pivot using technology
  • Used digital marketing tools innovatively
  • Accessed emergency funding
  • Used social media/eCommerce
  • Applied remote collaboration tools
  • Used other tech resources

Participate by asking questions about your own business. Get answers from the guest pivoteer and guest expert who will share what tools can be used for your business. 

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