Learning to code is a life changing decision in 2017

Coding changes lives. This applies to many people with various backgrounds, education, professional domain knowledge, positions in business, and personal life situation. Are you one of them? Let's think together. Websites and web apps are everywhere. Some of them are sleek and great to work with. The others are cumbersome and confusing. Every business wants to have an efficient and good looking site. How to get there? Many web studios and freelancers are offering services. As a business owner you want to know how to select the best people to design a great site and web app for you. As a freelancer and web studio owner you want to articulate great work you can do. The key for both is modern web design principles and techniques. You need to be familiar with technology, have hands-on experience when building a project for a client. You need to know technologies when you are contracting people to do work for you. What is important to know? There is so much information in web development today - it seems one person can never master everything. Good news - there are fundamentals, knowledge, that provides the ground for understanding this vast domain. Fundamentals include principles of web design and fundamental WEB technologies that are used in all frameworks - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM model. Knowledge of base technologies empowers you and allows to understand over-arching frameworks and packages. It allows you to look at already build products and understand advantages and weak sides. It allows you to express your needs for a web site and communicte it to developers. And for developers it allows to fine tune the product regardless of used framework . Next steps? Enroll!