Sean Jones, a dynamic entrepreneur, embarked on his business journey at the age of 17, establishing and successfully selling multiple ventures since then. While pursuing his education at Marist College, Sean concurrently nurtured his second business, comprising a chain of Verizon Wireless stores. 

His foray into cutting-edge technologies led him to collaborate with the Department of Defense, where he not only explored emerging technologies but also conducted workshops with major institutions. Sean's expertise further flourished as he joined a robotics startup backed by Tony Robbins, playing a pivotal role in team building, establishing manufacturing facilities, and bringing innovative products to the North American market and Ukraine. 

During his tenure, Sean significantly contributed to the business including support to raise nearly $6M in funding, launching TrueLimb (prosthetic arm) in North America, and securing contracts within the VA for wearable tech dedicated to PTSD therapy. Today, as the co-founder of Garden Creative, a strategic marketing firm, Sean focuses on ensuring companies garner attention online and at events. His approach extends beyond visibility, emphasizing the critical steps that follow—increasing sales and fostering ongoing communication with valued customers.