Brandon Weygant is a web developer & software engineer by trade, but really a person of many interests. In addition to dabbling in new tech whenever possible, he has also co-written & produced an independent comic, started a podcast (including all the audio set up & editing), and has a history in political activism. With a passion for all things tech, a history of taking on leadership roles wherever he goes, and a deep seeded passion for growth (both for himself and others) Brandon uses his desire to learn as fuel to help those around him grow as well.

Programming LanguagesFrameworks, and Web Tools: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, Redux, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, Wordpress, Divi, Heroku, Github

Other Tech: Power User with Windows/Mac/Linux, Bash, Zsh, Powershell, Audio/Video, RPGMaker, Ren’Py, PC repair, and dabbled in many more.