Workshopping Data Insights with Python

Let’s face it!

Data is everywhere, but it is not beneficial unless insight can be obtained from it.

In this short workshop, a demonstration of how to use Python to perform a simple spending analysis will provide attendees a glimpse of why data analytics is essential. The process of importing libraries and the data to the cleaning, preprocessing, and analysis of the data will be shown.

Lastly, the pros and cons of using different visualizations to gain solid insight into the history and trends behind the data will be discussed.

Project Challenge

A financial adviser has been asked to provide some insight to a family on their finances. Using bank record data representing last year's activities, descriptive analytics is used to determine what spending occurred by category.

Project Goals and Questions

  1. To understand what columns are available and what data values are present.
  2. To detect overall spending trends.
  3. To determine whether any unusual spending occurred in a given category or month.

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Who Is This Course For? 

novices, data lovers, developers

What Will You Learn? 
basic Python functions
descriptive analytics
Storytelling with data
Data Visualization basics
Wed, Feb 17 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
146 3rd street
Newburgh, NY 12550