StartupHV January Meetup at Newburgh, NY

StartupHV is focused on early-stage startups - from idea, to launch & beyond.

AGENDA for January Meetup:

1. Open Hub will present People Bank / Tinder for Business startup.
2. We will facilitate Brainstorming Workshop for People Bank.
3. Speed dating for businesses exercise and other offline networking opportunities.

Open Hub presents a vision of People Bank, the network & directory of local Hudson Valley tech professionals that:
- gives HV tech & entrepreneurial workforce a greater exposure,
- inspiring people for starting new projects & businesses,
- provoking people for collaboration and forming temporary teams,
- gaining expertise through the synergy of collaboration and nurturing trusted network (liquid net). People Bank creates a new paradigm in professional relations and association in Hudson Valley. This is value based collaboration where people utilize each other strengths to build better projects and create better outcomes. This approach is based on replacing the limiting belief with value/skill/function based collaboration. Join us for the Brainstorming Workshop for People Bank / Tinder for Business startup.

1. Open Hub' crew will presents the product concept.
2. Yulia Ovchinnikova will facilitate the brainstorming "How we can thrive as local tech community".
3. Sean Jones will provide a Speed dating for businesses exercise and other offline networking opportunities.

Open Hub ( is an open ecosystem and resource center for local tech workforce / tech business. We are building the local tech community, consulting tech startups and tech companies, match making business idea generators with developers, teaching coding, and organizing education workshops.

Open Hub is all about:

  • Bringing people together to make a change in their life and the community
  • Synergy & Collaboration
  • Creating the opportunities
  • Utilizing / applying technology as tool whenever it’s make sense.

Open Hub does:

  • Information / Resource sharing
  • Educational workshops in Tech and Entrepreneurship
  • Mentoring
  • Match-making techies and businesses, Doers and Askers

* * *
Regular Workshop opportunities at StartupHV:

If your startup is struggling to have a clear business-model, or you want to clarify and improve it, you can apply for a hot-seat at a future StartupHV meetup. We implement a crowd-sourcing approach to your business-model, using the Business Model Canvas (BMC), Value Proposition Canvas, SWOT analysis, Scenario Planning or other business tools. Please contact the organizers if you have any questions, suggestions, or you want to apply for a hot-seat!

Please RSVP here:

Who Is This Course For? 

Local tech community and startup(er)s: freelancers, developers, graphic designers, creators, bizDev, marketers in Hudson Valley.

What Will You Learn? 
Customer Avatar Challenge, Problem Statement, Value Proposition Challenge
Wed, Jan 24 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Grit Works
115 Broadway
Newburgh, NY 12550