June StartupHV - at Kingston

StartupHV is focused on early-stage startups - from idea to launch & beyond. RSVP using this link


1) Join us for a presentation by Robert Marcinik, the concept stage startup. He aspires to start a company that manufacturers configurable, solid-wood furniture.  The idea of companies making furniture is not new, but ones with products that are configurable are rare. We are witnessing the decline of retail and seeing people looking to the web for just about everything. Such products are often items that have already been made and are warehoused waiting to be sold.  The products Robert has decided to offer are one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture.  These are items often looked upon as personal expressions of the people who buy them.  Why not give customers the ability to design exactly what they want?  This ability will make the products I plan to offer attractive.

An integral part needed to make this vision work would be the creation of a website. Robert is looking for the developers from the Hudson Valley to help him to flesh out this concept.  Can a website be developed that allows people to design their furniture online?  How the cost of the furniture can be updated with changes they would make?  How to provide customer with the ability to purchase this furniture and send the information needed to build it?  Let's see how HV developer  will discover tech solutions to such problems.

As always, we also look forward to hearing any startup-related announcements & requests to present at a future StartupHV.

Location: We are at REDSTART COFFEE (https://www.facebook.com/redstartcoffee/) on the Strand in Kingston! It's a beautiful space, and there will be a barista on hand, and snacks available (for purchase).

Workshop opportunities:

If your startup is struggling to have a clear business-model, or you want to clarify and improve it, you can apply for a hot-seat at a future StartupHV meetup. We implement a crowd-sourcing approach to your business-model, using the Business Model Canvas (BMC), Value Proposition Canvas, SWOT analysis, Scenario Planning or other business tools. Please contact the organizers if you have any questions, suggestions, or you want to apply for a hot-seat!

Who Is This Course For? 

startups, developers

What Will You Learn? 
Business Model Canvas
Wed, Jun 20 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Kingston, NY 12401