Digital Ocean as a cloud provider: What, Why, How

In 2013 DigitalOcean surpassed Amazon to become the fastest growing cloud provider. What makes it so successful?
It's simple UI and minimalistic approach, great features & performance, comprehensive documentation, affordable pricing and enormous community & Ecosystem support.
Let's learn first hand:

What is it, Why to use it, DO vs AWS, use cases / best practices... which will actually lead us to the docker kind of discussion / trends.

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Who Is This Course For? 

Web developers, web app developers, and all who wants to learn about cloud virtual machine ans affordable storages

What Will You Learn? 
Cloud providers Digital Ocean services Amazon vs Digital Ocean
What you can do with Digital Ocean Cloud virtual machine & storage How to find tutorials and community support How to set it up
Thu, Jan 24 - 6:00pm to 8:30pm
115 Broadway
Newburgh, NY 12550