Cybersecurity and You

Cybersecurity is an expansive realm that requires us to adopt an attacker's mindset to truly comprehend its intricacies. We hope to provide valuable insights into the offensive side of security, enabling participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the cyber landscape.

Join us for an enlightening session on vulnerability assessment and website security, where we will embark on a journey to explore real-world methods and techniques utilized in the dynamic field of penetration testing. In a relatable and approachable manner, we will dive into practical aspects such as enumerating URL addresses, leveraging open source intelligence (OSINT) for gathering crucial information, and conducting network scans to identify open ports and potential exploits.
We will talk about threat and risk considerations for technologists whether it is the development of their products/projects or in their personal use of technology. We'll discuss the cybersecurity mindset and how to apply it, starting with non-technical approaches and moving onto cybersecurity technologies and methodologies.

We look forward to the opportunity to engage in enriching discussions. Together, we can delve into the captivating world of cybersecurity and further expand our knowledge and expertise.

Guest experts are Dr. Cynthia V. Marcello and Wayne Bianchetta.

Cybersecurity experts are welcome to join the discussion.


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Who Is This Course For? 

beginners and professionals

What Will You Learn? 
Cybersecurity concepts
Wed, Jul 5 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
146 Third Street
Newburgh, NY 12550