Coding Club: September 2022

Join us as we create a working club of coders working with coders. We welcome all levels of expertise from just learning to expereinced professionals as we work through coding problems and come up with great projects to collaborate on.

Meet this month's volunteer Judith Rohainer, Hudson Valley's Woman Tech Maker. She will present the latest trends and updates on Angular, why Angular, how to start with it, and share her experience and perspectives on other JS stacks. She'll be demoing an angular app set up using angular cli. Styling framework yet to be defined; either Nebular or Material.
Ask her anything about Web Development!

Judith Rohatiner is a full-stack software engineer with 15 years of experience. She currently works for K16 Solutions, higher education’s leading resource for data migration, archiving and student information management.

Judith has worked on the Angular project since its start (Angular JS) and presently works in Angular 12, which is used in K16’s stack. She is currently programming in these languages: Javascript, typescript, HTML5, CSS, SASS, AWS cli, Node, JSON and Postgres(sql).
When relaxing, you can find her playing with her Husky Gizmo or gardening, hiking, remodeling and kicking back with a good scotch.

As usual, you can expect a lot of networking opportunities as well as collaboration. Be prepared to introduce yourself and connect with similar minded people.
We also plan to address a few learning opportunities provided by GDG community, including Road to certification by Google.
You can showcase your projects and collaborate with Purpose.
We encourage you to network and create the meaningful connections.


Welcome to join, let's help each other. We encourage questions and collaborative challenges, showcases and co-learning opportunities. So we are open - as our organization - is.

• What to bring when meeting in person:
Laptops to work. Business cards to exchange. Questions to ask. Projects to collaborate. Skills and ideas to share.

• Important to know: Coding Club is a volunteer-based activity. We are looking forward to meet local techies and web pros as well as total novice who is interested to start this Coding/WebDev journey. We will work together as community to help each other to learn and grow.

Register in advance for this meeting and all our monthly Coding Clubs:
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We would also like to hear your thoughts about collaborative environment and community building. How can it make a difference for your professional and personal growth?

Let us know your feedback for OpenHub's efforts in 2021:

  • WHAT did you LIKE,
  • WHAT did you DISLIKE

You can use this form or email me at, whatever is easier.

That's what we usually do at the Coding Clubs:

  • - Network with purpose
  • - Bring your challenge to solve
  • - Share or learn new tools
  • - Find free and open source tools, platforms and environments
  • - Interested to tweak your idea or code further to pursue it as a collaborative startup / open source idea?
  • - Want to do fun debugging
  • - Discuss opportunities
  • - Have your resume critique
  • - Get a referral
  • - Get match to a job

Please let us know if you want to give a talk, slides or discuss specific topic - you can submit your talk using this form 

Register in advance for this meeting and all our monthly Coding Clubs:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting

Who Is This Course For? 

local web and app developers, as we ll as anyone who is interested in digital tech / coding.

We will; be happy to discuss any questions / suggestions you have.

What Will You Learn? 
What other like minded developers use?
Who I can collaborate with?
What is the best way to learn it?
How to see who is hiring for a tech positions?
What skills are on demand here?
What training / courses I can find taught in person locally? Online?
Python - why Python, where to start, what to do, how to find job. We will share the best resources discovered by community
Code Wars
Tue, Sep 13 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
124 Grand Street
Newburgh, NY 12550