Coding Club: May 2021

Every month we mix and mingle,  getting together around technology to share and co-learn together, discussing an advanced topic or working on some projects in collaboration setup. There is usually no mentor,, but lightning talks or presenter. We re t is a group of experts sharing their experience, providing use-cases and more. If you'd like to share your experience and guide some activities, please let us know! You can always submit your lightning talk using this form

As usual, we will start with a quick networking / intros: 100 seconds for Everyone to introduce themselves to the group. We want to know who you are, what you do, language or technology focus, and what you're looking to get out of this group in the future!

This time February 1st - we are happy to introduce our special guest Navi Mann, from Mintbean. 

In this session, Navi will talk about the growing community of senior devs who are looking to mentor the next generation of newer devs through a series of hackathons and collaborative projects. She will address women in tech and share how the community can help each other.

Mintbean - - is a supportive and beginner-friendly developer's collective. Our members receive invaluable support and mentorship from professional software developers inside the industry -- completely for free.
After hosting 80+ fully-guided hackathons in 2020 and helping thousands of recent grads bridge the gap from graduation to hire, Mintbean is proud to play a role in closing the tech talent skill gap. We invite you to join a community that takes your career to the next level.

• Important to know: Coding Club is a volunteer-based activity. We are looking forward to meet local techies and web pros as well as total novice who is interested to start this Coding/WebDev journey. We will work together as community to help each other to learn and grow. Please let us know if you want to give a talk, slides or discuss specific topic - you can submit your talk using this form 

Please RSVP here:

Who Is This Course For? 

local web and app developers, as we ll as anyone who is interested in digital tech / coding.

We will; be happy to discuss any questions / suggestions you have.

What Will You Learn? 
What other like minded developers use?
Who I can collaborate with?
What is the best way to learn it?
How to see who is hiring for a tech positions?
What skills are on demand here?
What training / courses I can find taught in person locally? Online?
Mon, May 3 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm
124 Grand Street
Newburgh, NY 12550