ABC series: Build a business website using WordPress - B

Workshop B  How to add and manage content along with adding additional functionality, i.e. plugins

Building blocks of content: posts and pages. Without great content, even the most well-designed, tightly-structured blogs will ultimately fail. There are two blocks you need to worry about, pre-launch and post-launch contents:

Pre-launch content

  • Static pages: such as “About,” “Contact,” etc
  • Sidebar content: content that appears on the sidebar of your blog (if you are going to have one)
  • Blog category pages: content (around 100 words) for category pages on your blog (plus pick categories to divide your content)

Post-launch content

  • Blog posts: regular articles you are going to write
  • Cornerstone content: this will be the base of your blog

Do you have any plans for conversion? Plugins can help here. We will discuss what plugins you might need and how to choose the right ones. 

Who Is This Course For? 
  • Anyone who wants to build a business website
What Will You Learn? 
Blog posts vs pages and the best practices you should follow.
Tue, Apr 23 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Newburgh Free Library
124 Grand St
Newburgh, NY 12550