If you are looking for a tribe or similar minded people in tech, you are at the right place to be. We all have something to share. We realized we have a mutual hunger and crowd expertise that could fulfill this need. We created the Open Hub as a real hub to provide connectivity between of all events, mentors and locations relevant to coding, web development and startups all around Hudson Valley. We believe it is right things to do to announce all workshops related to technology. We want to build Tech Ecosystem, connecting people, publishing tech events, promoting local tech mentors. You can search events and workshops coming. There are two tracks or hashtags we are describing all events: #Coding or #Business. Some topics could be applicable for both aspects, because technology has critical influence at our business life. So choose what topic you want to discover, and get updated! You can subscribe to get all announcements by email. You can search and find your mentors and your tribe. Signing up you will get a 5% discount to all workshops by default. You can suggest your own workshop and we will help you to find place and announce it to the right crowd. Co-learning and Collaboration