Technology is an essential part of our lives today and we can’t imagine living without it. Adopting and learning new technologies is not only limited to the IT industry, it has become a necessity for individuals who want to go further in their careers and achieve their goals. The way technology has improved the quality of our lives is just amazing.
Give yourself a quick foundation in the real-world developer skills and experience with Fast Track Web Dev Bootcamp

The OpenHub's Fast Track Web Development Bootcamp shows you how it works in the real world by teaching with real world projects. 

  • Theoretical  - vs - Practical
  • Boring, Abstract - vs - Meaningful, project based, engaging
  • Isolated modules - vs - Comprehensive meaningful skill set
  • Memorizing  - vs -  Developing Problem Solving Skills

You are Investing in your future, in real skills, modern technology. You will be surprised that you can apply your coding skills to any type of work you are doing. You will be able to simplify your daily routine by programming your regular activities implementing ITTT algorithms. Knowing your basics you will discover variety of open source and free software available for you. You will be able to implement existing APIs that other startups. These skills are applicable to any type of modern jobs: sales, bizDev, advertising, accounting, consulting etc.

It is a real thing: you can do it. You do not need to be special or to have Computer Science degree to do it. Even more: if you have your CS degree, you’d better to know how to build real things. It is a real life skill you need.

Efficiency is the only word. Real life skills, modern technology, real practitioners (playing coaches), proven methodology, real business skills.

  • We don’t compete with college's certified programs: to be certified they pay by actuality and real life skills. You will not pay for certificates, but we you will be able to build and deliver real projects and get paid right now.
  • We don’t compete with online courses: they skipped too much, leaving too many lacunas, assuming you know A, B and C, not teaching the concepts.  It has to be a real human behind the scene to communicate and discover the learning path of real students and adjust courses.
  • We don’t compete with your self learning ability, we leverage it.

General approach: Advanced will pick up specific courses. Dedicated beginners and intermediates will take the bootcamps to have a guided and intensive education with real webDev practitioners, to get real life skills, concepts and best practices effectively structured and delivered, and real projects built.

This is the best way to have your feet wet. Most developers were doing same mistakes over and over again. We will share with you the best practices and processes, we will help you planning and laying bricks for what you are building now and for possible extension of what it could be. We will guide you through whole process to be positive you are not wasting your time and money again and again.