If you’re interested in becoming a web developer, data analyst or IT support professional, but you’re worried about the lack of experience or knowledge could hold you back, we’ve got great news: you don’t need a solid background in tech to enroll in our bootcamps. With determination, hard work and dedication to the program, you can be equally successful as someone who has already been in tech world.

There are no prerequisites set in stone, anyone can become a web developer or IT support professional. If you’re passionate about problem-solving challenges and you enjoy building things, you will be a great fit in the web development industry.

If you are passionate about technology itself and love helping people, it would be a great set up for IT support professional bootcamp.
IT is essentially the use of digital technology, like computers and the internet, to store and process data into useful information. The IT industry refers to the entire scope of all the jobs and resources that are related to computing technologies within society, and there are a lot of different types of jobs in this field, from network engineers who ensure computers can communicate with each other, to hardware technicians who replace and repair components, to desktop support personnel who make sure that end users can use their software properly. 

But IT isn't just about building computers and using the Internet, it's really about the people. That's the heart and soul of IT support work. IT helps people solve meaningful problems by using technology, which is why you'll see its influences in education, medicine, journalism, construction, transportation, entertainment, or really any industry.

Great tech skills are really important, but the important thing about technology is that it serves people and serves the interests of people. 

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