Another successful Hackathon is over! The 2023 ‘From Open Data to AI’ Mini Hackathon was a great evening of innovation, collaboration, and creative problem solving.

Mark Thursday December 8th on your calendars, it’s the next big step on the Hudson Valley’s road to technology-fueled growth.

The November 10th crowd brainstorming workshop was set as a continuation of our efforts to reinvigorate the once thriving tech community of the Hudson Valley, NY.

Based on our First HVTech workshop brainstorming on October 6th, we came up with the following:

Meet Ups:

Welcome HVTech people, it's been a while!
Let's get together - not for coding (YET!), but catching up!



Hi Everyone,
We are in the process of reinvigorating this community with some online and physical events coming up over the next few months. To this end let's brainstorm and put together a full set of ideas to forward this community.


This course equips students with higher-level business concepts, savvy data-driven strategies, and leveraged technology techniques to start and scale any business with minimal risk.

This course introduces students to basic Web, Data and Information Technology (IT) skills they will need to pursue a digital techology career. Whether working in-person or remotely, at a small company or a global enterprise, nearly every employee 

A Digital Footprint:is the skillset peole need to maintain safety and security on any job where computer use is required.

This course  is designed to provide students with foundational digital skills necessary for most jobs these days. Whether working in-person or remotely, at a small company or a global enterprise, nearly every worker - and every well-paid worker - uses a computer.