WordPress 201: Managed / Installed

Once WordPress is installed, you’ll have complete control over every aspect of your website. You can install custom themes and plugins to add new features to your site, or even modify the underlying CSS and PHP files to create a completely custom site.

What is WordPress?

What is it used for, and when to use hosted or managed version of WordPress?

What kind of website can you build with WordPress?

  1. CONFIGURING WordPress
    • How to Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
    • Configuring your WordPress Home Page Learn how to configure the home page of your WordPress website.
    • Wordpress Pages vs Posts - Do pages and posts have you confused? Learn the difference between the two
    • Adding HTML to a Wordpress Page/Post Learn how to add HTML code to a Wordpress Page or Post.
    • Creating a link in Wordpress Linking to other sites and posts is very common and almost necessary when creating a site.
    • Allowing User Registration in Wordpress: Learn how to allow user registration in Wordpress.
    • How to Create a Wordpress User in the Dashboard Learn how to create a new user in the Wordpress Dashboard.

This is two workshops series 2 hours each

Who Is This Course For? 

for advanced users who already have some experience with hosted WordPress

What Will You Learn? 
WordPress basics: Getting Started with Pre-installed WordPress. Learn how to access your pre-installed WordPress site on your Hosting account.
Installing Wordpress. There's more than one way to install WordPress. How to install WordPress using Softaculous How to install WordPress using Softaculous. How to Install WordPress Manually Installing WordPress using your Temporary URL This can allow you to develop your WordPress driven website without having to point your domain name during the process.
Configuring WordPress
The WordPress Site Structure. WordPress heavily relies on themes, and understanding the basic layout of themes is very helpful when structuring your site.
Managing Content Managing Users
Materials Required 
your laptop computer

Tom Morel

Tom is a 26-year Army Veteran, having retired from active duty in 2008. He culminated his military career at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY where he taught in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department from 2000-2006 and also served as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Corps of Cadets from 2006-2007.

4 hours

Course Schedule:

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