Website Planning: Objectives, Information Architecture, UX

Not all websites are created equal. For your online business presence to yield maximum benefit to your business, all content on the site must be designed to communicate value to your ideal customer in an easy and natural way. In this course, students will learn how to define and plan their website content for the optimal conversion to the business goals.

This course covers: digital marketing basics, webcontent planning and information architecture basics, graphic design expectations, user journey planning.

Who Is This Course For? 

This course is the best for business owners and web professionals, who would like to create effective websites with high conversions, reaching and engaging their target audience. We designed this course for: Website Developers who want to increase the value they can provide in advising their clients on content development and website design to best accomplish business objectives; for Entrepreneurs who want better familiarity with website development to save time and money with website professionals they hire or want to personally build a website for their own business endeavors; for anyone who wants to empower themselves with the ability to build an effective website presence for any of their personal passions or business endeavors anytime they want.

What Will You Learn? 
All tools for planning your website / webapp,: Brand and messaging, Target Audience, Online marketing strategy, Web project Statement and how to deliver your Value Proposition, Funneling.
Mind Map and User Interface, Information Architecture, Content blocks and flow, Call to Actions and User Journey, A/B testing, Landing Pages.
Graphic branding principles, Design planning, Mockups and Wireframes, UI/UX foundations, User Flow, Tools.
You will be working on a real website you want to build. As a result, you will have all things needed to start coding.
Materials Required 
This is four workshops series, 3 hours each. No previous experience needed, but a basic business experience is desired.
12 hours
Fast Track Web Development Bootcamp

Course Schedule:

This course is not currently scheduled. Please sign up if you want to get this course soon.