Website Development - Part I

Website Construction principles. HTML5, CSS

  • Interested in starting a career in web development? Students will work on building a portfolio of work and will be eligible to apply for an entry level position as a web developer.
  • Want to build real websites on your own? You will be able to do so!
  • Interested to improve your WordPress experience with coding? You will learn how to find and fix code, as well as to build what WordPress can't.

Students are provided with a hands-on introduction to the universal architecture of the web. This course covers website construction with HTML5 and CSS, design and usability concepts, website hosting and administration. Students will learn how to build a simple, professional-class website.  Students will also learn essential website deployment techniques using cPanel. We will actually publish student projects to the web, and students can elect to continue to host their website beyond the class if they so choose. Excellent opportunity to build your online resume or portfolio website. All required applications for your working environment for this course will be provided. Material we will cover in order of priority: 1) HTML5 (good foundation in semantic best practices) 2) CSS (oriented in the landscape of css) 3) Responsive Design (exposed to principles) 4) Accessibility (solid foundation in semantics and exposed to additional principles) 5) SEO in as much as it is covered by good semantics 6) Domain names, hosting and CPanel Students who have a project of their own to work on, should choose a domain name to register if they don’t already have one registered for this project. 

PLEASE NOTE. Instances offered with office hours are +$200 per course

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Who Is This Course For? 

This course is the best for business owners and total beginners, who would like to learn how to build simple but powerful websites. We designed this course for: Entrepreneurs who 1) want to understand how a website can leverage the Internet for optimal business strategy 2) want better familiarity with website development to save time and money with website professionals they hire 3) want to personally build a website for their own business endeavors Anyone who 1) wants to improve their employability by developing a universally-needed skill set 2) wants to begin a new career 3) wants to empower themselves with the ability to build an effective website presence for any of their personal passions or business endeavors anytime they want

What Will You Learn? 
Client-Server Architecture of the World Wide Web, Static vs. Dynamic Web Pages, Accessibility (solid foundation in semantics and exposed to additional principles), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML5) with good foundation in semantic best practices, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS);
Responsive Design concepts and Usability Heuristics;
SEO in as much as it is covered by good semantics;
Website Hosting, CPanel management. Domain names. Students who have a project of their own to work on, should choose a domain name to register if they don’t already have one registered for this project.
Materials Required 
This is five workshops series, 3 hours each. It is desirable but not necessarily that students have purchased their chosen domain name prior to the first class if possible, as we will be setting up their hosting and beginning to use CPanel on the first class day. Students will be provided with free hosting through one-month after the duration of the class. If they also elect to take Learn to Build a Website – Part II, then their free hosting will be extended through one month past the end of that class. After this free period, students can continue hosting with OpenHub by buying a hosting package.

Shannah White

Shannah is an active Website Developer supporting local businesses in the Hudson Valley from local professionals and craftsmen to web agencies and mid-size businesses. She began her journey into World Wide Web technologies in 1998. She is versed in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and Photoshop. In Content Management Systems, she has fallen in love with Drupal, but also has experience in WordPress, Zen Cart, Shopify, and Squarespace. She has written a custom ecommerce CMS from scratch, and maintains other custom CMSs for some of her client base.

15 hours
Fast Track Web Development Bootcamp

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