Tech Foundations 2: Digital Footprint, Office Workflow

A Digital Footprint:is the skillset peole need to maintain safety and security on any job where computer use is required. Whether tworking in-person or remotely, at a small company or a global enterprise, every employee using a digital device must practice Digital Ethiquette, manage company and personal data privacy, protect their digital identity, and practice basic cybersecurity.

The Office Workflow is the abiity to use the most common program types and apps encountered in the workplace and on the internet.Word processing, spreadsheets, text messging, image processig, social media, and busiess networking will be uised to develop career management skills. 

This course teaches the digital skills that students from all backgrounds need prepare for employment and function on the job. There are Digital Literacy Assessment tools before and after the course to measure comprehension and demonstrate the skills acquired.

Course Structure:

  1. Week 1. MS WordBasic Information Literacy Skills. Students will be able to:
    • Learn MS Word basics.and do a class project (resume / flyer)
    • Formulating a Research Question | Making a Plan | Effective Internet Searches | Analyzing Search Results | 
    • Evaluating Resources for Bias and Reliability | Organizing Research | Using Research to Make Informed Decisions]:: 
  2. Class 2, MS Excel + Digital Footprint. Students will be able to:
    • Learn MS Excel basics and do their class project (budget)
    • Define digital footprint, Understand why a digital footprint is important.
    • Understand the potential benefits of having a digital footprint.and the sources of a digital footprint 
    • Understand that actions online can have unintentional impacts to your digital footprint.
    • Identify consequences of a digital footprint (permanent, real-life, employment-related).
    • Demonstrate ability to manage privacy settings, browsing history, and cookies
    • Manage an online identity responsibly..
  3. Class 3. MS Office Presentations.. Students will be able to:
    • Create new documents and open existing documents for editing.
    • Identify the purpose of document editor interface icons, menus, and toolbars.
    • Create professional documents using editing and formatting techniques.
    • Practice printing and downloading of documents.
    • Manipulate collaboration strategies  to support exporting and sharing of documents.
  4. Class 4. G-Suite . Students will be able to:
    • Upload and download their projects on Google Drive
    • Use Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and other applications including Calendar and Contacts
    • Share, learn roles and permissions
  5. Class 5.  Career Search and Development. Students will be able to:
    • Career Search Skills: Searching for Jobs
    • Focus on using LinkedIn with transition to Career Search Skills
    • Building a profile
    • Networking, Posting to your Timeline | Private Messages / Groups
    • Applying and Interviewing for Jobs
    • After the Interview 

Each class is project based - your chance to build your own Digital Profile!

  • Introduction or review of prior class topics / homework-related or general questions
  • Hands-on lab demonstration
  • Homework assignment
  • Wrap up and Q & A
  • Short breaks will be taken throughout the session as determined by the mentor to allow for healthy stretching, refreshment, or to engage in a simple conversation with classmates.
Who Is This Course For? 

for those who want to solidify their professional digital office skills

What Will You Learn? 
MS Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint
Digital Footprint
LinkedIn & Social Media Networking
Job Search and Career Development

John Sturman

John Sturman has been working in and around software for more than 30 years as a technical writer, instructor, and project manager. He is a ScrumAlliance Certified Scrum Master as well as trained to facilitate groups with Liberating Structures, and has used his knowledge to train his students in a variety of courses.  

Jack Lobianco

Jack possesses over 20 years of proven leadership in the information technology (IT) sector, covering roles in Integration Engineering, product management, and development of Windows tools and automation in financial services.

Jack has been a Delivery Manager for enterprise-wide financial services; he is successful managing customer and vendor relationships, leading extremely productive and motivated people and projects.

5 weeks

Course Schedule:

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