Statistics and Probability

Probability and statistics hold the key for enabling students to better understand, process, and interpret the vast amounts of quantitative data that exist all around them, and to have a probabilistic sense in situations of uncertainty.

In this course, students will explore specific use cases as hands-on projects related to the applications of statistics and probability for decision-making and insight. Specifically, students will learn to apply probability models to form statistical inferences and generalize to the population. Specific application of statistics terminology will be used throughout the course.

Who Is This Course For? 

continue to learn statictics

What Will You Learn? 
How to use measures of dispersion (range, interquartile range) to understand distributions.
Differentiate between nominal, ordinal, discrete, and continuous data types.
How to identify the dispersion in the data.
How to define various terms found in statistics.
How to calculate probability and interpret a probability distribution.
How to determine measures of central tendency (mean, mode, median).

Statictics 101

15 hours

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