Relational Database Design for Beginners

Relational databases are systems that organize data into very logical tables, much like a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Systems are built around tables, columns, and unique keys to access that data stored in rows using a database access language called Structured Query Language (SQL).

In this course, you will learn how to create relational databases using SQL Server. Specifically, you will address a business problem by first developing a conceptual schema of the database that consists of tables, attributes, relationships, and then test the design to ensure that data integrity is possible to prevent errors and anomalies in the data. The physical database will be scripted and implemented using structured query language and data will be inserted to build the prototype relational database.

Who Is This Course For? 

For those who wants to solidify SQL Database Administration skills and master Database design, 

On small projects, the database designer role may be performed by a senior developer, possibly in addition to other roles.

On large projects, the database designer role may be assigned to a team of database specialists.

In some organizations, the database designer role may be assigned to a member of a central database management or administration group that supports multiple projects.

An organization may choose to replace this role by finer-grained roles. For example, an organization may define a Data Analyst role that is responsible only for logical data modeling, while physical data modeling is the responsibility of another role (such as a Database Administrator).
A person that takes on this role should ideally be involved early in the project as a technical reviewer, participating in requirements reviews and analyzing the relevant system features and requirements.

What Will You Learn? 
The Relational Model
Qualities of a Good Database Design
Entity-Relationship Modeling and the process
Moving from E-R Model to Database Design
Database Normalization

Excel, relational algebra

15 hours

Course Schedule:

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