Practical approach to UX/UI

Demand for UX designers is on the rise with a 10-year job growth (2014-24) forecast of 19% according to CNNMoney/Payscale's top 100 careers. The field of User Experience and User Interface web design is one of the most popular areas of expertise in web development / app development today. By studying how end users interact with a particular product, user experience researchers look for ways to make it more intuitive and satisfying, solving real problems, or serving the real needs revealed through research and focus groups surveys. They then communicate the solution to developers and engineers working in a team,make recommendations to designers and product developers on how to implement improvements.

In this course students will learn the practical side of applied UX/UI design.

This course will introduce to User Centric Design and its application across different work environments and industries. Students will understand how to approach web and application designs from the UX point of view and how to identify design problems. Course will explore the different areas of expertise in UX. Students will get hand-on experience creating User Personas, practicing how to use them in design process, practicing pitching solution to the chosen User Personas and gather feedback. They will work through the basic steps of the UX design process, creating a basic workflow and wireframe a basic website or application. Students will prepare Usability tests for various Use Cases and conduct a sample test in the group.

While User Experience (UX) is a conglomeration of tasks focused on optimization of a product for effective and enjoyable use; User Interface Design is its compliment, the look and feel, the presentation and interactivity of a product. This course will introduce students to UI foundations.

Who Is This Course For? 
  • Anyone who wants to learn what UX/UI is
  • Anyone considering entering UX/UI or web design field
  • Web designers who wants to practice approaching design form the UX point of view
What Will You Learn? 
Working with clients · Working with User Personas · User research · User workflow creation · Wireframing · Working with developers or technical approach · Usability tests
UI foundations
15 hours

Course Schedule:

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