Mobile First: Building React Native Applications for the Mobile Devices

This is the initial course of <Mobile First> large web dev course that consists of 4 courses:

  1. "Mobile First - building React Native apps"
  2. "Mobile First - Creating the back end for your React Native app"
  3. "Mobile First - Extending your React Native app with a React Website"
  4. "Mobile First - Learning development environments for React Native and React JS and how to deploy stand alone apps to production" 

The first course consists of three 2 hour classes. 10 hours of homework per week. We will be using Expo and Snack to do everything on the cloud and deploy apps to your phones.

"Mobile First - building React Native apps": A-B-C

A. Introduction:Tools and Basics (2hr)

  1. Tools to create your first mobile application. Expo, Snack.
  3. Text
  4. Styles
  5. Flex model

Assignment: (10hr):

      Build various layouts with Views and Texts. Test on your phone


B. Javascript intro and React State (2hr)

  1. Functions
  2. Vars
  3. Arrays
  4. Buttons and event handlers
  5. React State

Assignment: (10hr):

      Create a shopping list application


C. Wrap-up (2hr)

  1. Wrapping up the shopping list application.
  2. What to learn next, Q&A
Who Is This Course For? 

For those who are interested to explore new Oikumene of Mobile Responsive Web Apps

What Will You Learn? 
HTML, CSS, React JS, Node JS, React Native

Some familiarity with Javascript or any other programming language and CSS/HTML is helpful, but not required.


Course Schedule:

This course is not currently scheduled. Please sign up if you want to get this course soon.