Making Your Github Profile Look Awesome

This course empowers learners to optimize their GitHub profiles for maximum impact based on your goals (job, recognition, expertise proof, open-source advocacy, etc)

Participants learn essential techniques in repository organization, README design, and project showcasing.

Through practical exercises, they enhance their coding portfolio, master version control with Git, and leverage GitHub features to showcase skills and attract collaborators.

Students will learn:
1. How to organize and setup their GitHub profile.
2. The importance of designing the README file for readability.
3. How to logically organize repos based on content.
4. How to use version control to ensure the correct projects are visible in the profile.
5. Best practices for networking using a GitHub portfolio presence.

Who Is This Course For? 

intermediate users and junior developers

What Will You Learn? 
What GitHub is and why to use it?
How to organize and setup your GitHub profile according to your purpose
Version control
How to logically organize repos based on content.
Networking best practices using a GitHub portfolio presence

 Intro to Data Analytics

15 hours

Course Schedule:

This course is not currently scheduled. Please sign up if you want to get this course soon.