Intro to Digital Business Management

This course equips students with higher-level business concepts, savvy data-driven strategies, and leveraged technology techniques to start and scale any business with minimal risk. It is designed to prepare students with digital business management know-how that will make them attractive for an entry-level job in business management with small to mid-sized businesses. At the same time, this course empowers students with essential knowledge and skills to start and scale their own business if they so choose.

The course is designed to provide students with foundational digital business skills necessary for any job these days. Using a Basic Office Productivity Software, knowing Privacy and Security practices and basic Project Management skills would help students succeed in their career.I It explores the digital business entrepreneurship opportunities while letting students from all backgrounds apply their individual talents to digital business skills used at the job. 

Course Structure:

  1. Week 1. Digital Management Tools, Working in an IT Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity. Students will be able to:
    • Use a spreadsheet to track activity over time.
    • Create visualizations to demonstrate trends.
    • Compare various network management strategies.
    • Use cloud and local storage solutions.
    • Recognize security threats and act reponsibly.
  2. Class 2, Digital Marketing - Best Practices for Websites and Social Media. Students will be able to:
    • Explain why a business needs a website
    • Create a critique of existing websites.
    • Develop a mission statement.
    • Develop a draft plan for their website.
    • Explain how social media works.
    • Compare social media sites.
    • Plan a social media strategy.
  3. Class 3. Communications Strategies - Messaging, Content Creation, and Distribution. Students will be able to:
    • Explain how content helps business.
    • Differentiate between content types.
    • Describe how a search engine works.
    • Plan a multi-channel content strategy.
  4. Class 4. Analytical Tools - Describe, Predict, and Prescribe using AI and ML. Students will be able to:
    • Explain the importance of measurement.
    • Identify roles in an analytics team.
    • Calculate RFM scores for a small dataset.
    • Differentiate between customer and product segmentation.
  5. Class 5.  Practicum - How to plan an integrated campaign to solve a business problem. Students will be able to:
    • Develop an integrated campaign to solve a business problem.

Each class is project based - your chance to build your own Digital Profile!

  • Introduction or review of prior class topics / homework-related or general questions
  • Hands-on lab demonstration
  • Homework assignment
  • Wrap up and Q & A
  • Short breaks will be taken throughout the session as determined by the mentor to allow for healthy stretching, refreshment, or to engage in a simple conversation with classmates.
Who Is This Course For? 

for those who want to grow and apply their skilss to the digital business management field

What Will You Learn? 
## Mapping a Reasonable Strategy: Map Out Your Funnel; Understanding the value of competition:; Practical Profit Prediction; Calculate Your Financial Model
Website: Written goals, Statement of purpose, Page wire frame, Website evaluation, Critical questions, planning document.
Basic principles, major social media sites, marketing strategies
Importance of content, Types of content, Content formats, Distribution channels
Testing and Measuring, KPIs, Team building and management, Analytical tools - Regression Analysis, Market Basket Analysis

basic digital office skills

5 weeks

Course Schedule:

Starting Friday, November 10, 2023 - 2:00pm
Newburgh Library
124 Grand Street
Newburgh, NY 12550
All class dates:
Nov 10, Nov 17, Dec 1, Dec 8, Dec 15