Intro to Data Analytics

This course prepares students for an entry level Data Analyst position while teaching the essential software and trending programming skills.


Course Structure:

  1. Week 1. Intro to Python - first steps. Students will be able to:
    • Use an online compiler to execute simple Python scripts.
    • Evaluate the difference between the sequence, selection, and repetition control structures.
    • Create simple algorithms to control the flow of a computer program.
  2. Class 2. Python: Functions, Modules, Data Structures. Students will be able to:
    • Use functions to accomplish repeated tasks in a program.
    • Create modules to organize and execute commonly used programs as needed.
    • Develop data structures to manage information used by a computer program.
  3. Class 3. Problem-solving with Python. Students will be able to:
    • Create simple algorithms to solve specific programming problems.
    • Explain the different types of data used as input for a Python program.
    • Evaluate output from a program for correct format based on communication goals.
    • Explain how object-oriented programs work increase programming efficiency.
  4. Class 4. Data Analytics in google Collab. Students will be able to:
    • Create simple Python programs using an online compiler and Jupyter notebook.
    • Create different types of cells used in a Jupyter notebook.
    • Develop different types of Jupyter notebooks for data analysis.
  5. Class 5.  Exploratory Data Analysis. Students will be able to:
    • Create Jupyter notebooks for exploratory data analysis.
    • Develop programs in Python for descriptive analysis of data.
    • Use Jupyter notebooks to clean and wrangle data.
    • Develop a simple linear data model to explore relationships in data.

Each class is project based - your chance to build your own Digital Profile!

  • Introduction or review of prior class topics / homework-related or general questions
  • Hands-on lab demonstration
  • Homework assignment
  • Wrap up and Q & A
  • Short breaks will be taken throughout the session as determined by the mentor to allow for healthy stretching, refreshment, or to engage in a simple conversation with classmates.



Who Is This Course For? 

for those considering to start a career in Data Analytics field

What Will You Learn? 
Input & Output; The Importance of Commenting Code; Sequence, Selection, Loops; Using expression and operators for calculation
Using functions as reusable code; organizing code into modules for reuse in other simple programs; using lists to organize data
Planning and using problem solving as an approach to writing programs, create classes to instantiate objects, enhancing input and output
Compiling Python in an online environment; understanding how notebooks work, building your own notebook to compile Python code
How to determine what the dataset contains; Cleaning the dataset using data wrangling and preprocessing techniques; Building a simple machine learning model to make a prediction

basic MS Excel / GSuite Sheets

25 hours
Data Analytics Bootcamp

Course Schedule:

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