Intro to App Development. Masterclass

iOS developer Tyler Walker will share his story of abruptly switching career focus towards app development, and then will lead an informal discussion about the tools used and how to get started.  

What does it take for abruptly switching career focus towards app development? 
How to get started? 
What's the difference between Web App development vs Mobile App development? 

We will cover:

  • What the daily reality of being an app developer is.
  • How to know if this is something you want to do.
  • iOS vs. Android development, and how to choose which to pursue.
  • Can I make money with this?
  • Resources and tools to get started on Android, iOS, web app development.
Who Is This Course For? 

for total novice

What Will You Learn? 
What the daily reality of being an app developer is
How to get started with native app development

Tyler Walker

Tyler Walker is an app developer, composer, and sound designer in the Hudson Valley.  In 2016, after 15 years working professionally writing music, he wrote the sound and music for a mobile video game.  The developer let him peek behind the curtain to see how it all worked, and he was instantly smitten with the process. This triggered an unexpected career shift focused heavily on app development.  He has worked on three apps currently in the app store, and is close to releasing his first solo video game.  He is still making music.

2 hours

Course Schedule:

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