Digital Basic Skills

This program is designed to provide students with foundational digital skills necessary for any job nowdays. Whether that is doing in-person or remote work, at a small company or a large enterprise organization, nearly every company employees have to use computers . 

This course will begin by teaching students’ important prerequisite digital competencies to ensure that students from all backgrounds have the skills needed to complete the course and prepare for employment.

  1. They will be making Informed decisions evaluating the accuracy, perspective, and validity of digital media and social posts:
  2. Learn to use technology and digital channels for civic engagement, to solve problems and be a force for good in both physical and virtual communities.
  3. They will gain awareness of different kind of online actions, and know how to be safe and create safe spaces for others online.
  4. Students will be creating their first digital resume and portfolio demonstrating their digital, computer and office skills.

Topics covered in this course include the Google suite, digital resume building, effective IT job searching

Who Is This Course For? 

total beginners or those who want to establish solid foundation of digital skills

What Will You Learn? 
Brief history of the Internet, explanation of common fears and mythbusting, browsing internet sites to help demonstrate the value and benefits of the Engagement Competency of Digital Citizenship. Deeper dive into chrome browser inlcuding incongnito browsing, bookmarks, browsing history, cache clearing, customizing your browser through extensions, and how to manage those extensions. We will begin a deeper dive into understanding G-Suite through Google Drive. Learners will learn more about sharing, permissions, navigating the UI, become more familiar with the menu's and options available, templates, and this will serve as an introduction to The Cloud and it's version of storage as opposed to the classical means of saving on your own device. Second half of the class Instructor will spend building a single page advertisement step by step introducing concepts like drawing, image search/upload, text wrapping, and more.
Learners will present their completed Google Docs advertisement and explain their process, difficulties they had, and how they solved it. We will then learn about how seemingly free services monetize your information and privacy via licensing agreements. This includes any information you willingly divulge online, information you may not be aware is already online about you, cookies, & location services. We will then examine privacy settings and other ways to protect your information and maintain your privacy. We will then move on to installing and using privacy tools such as ad blockers & VPN's with demonstrations done through google maps with both Chrome/Firefox. We will then begin lessons on Google Sheets. In depth Google Sheets tutorial. We will be building a sample document in class using a variety of tools available to us in Sheets. This will cover coloring, freezing, text wrapping, conditional formatting, charting, and an introduction to Sheets formula's and applications for advanced users. There will be an emphasis on Google Slides and how to build a digital presentation for an audience. Learners will learn about manipulating each object to be part of a larger object, transitions, different types of slides. The rest of the class will be focused on Learners build a 10+ slide presentation on a topic of their own choosing. Slides should include multiple types of slides, text/headers where appropriate, slide numbering, images/logos on at least half the slides, multiple different transitions, and as least 1 diagram/data table. Learners will present their presentation the the rest of the class as if they were in a business meeting. Other learners will be free to ask questions at the end of the presentation to simulate a real life workplace. When all presentations are finished we will then transition to building a digital resume either using a google docs template or from scratch. With a higher level understanding of your devices, the web, a completed resume, and several projects demonstrating a professional level competency with popular google suite applications lerners will now be ready for a final cherry on top: building their own portfolio websites in Google Sites. We will do a lesson introducing Sites features and interface and viewing a domain registrar for those who wish to customize their site URL. Continue working on portfolio website and finding where learners are having difficulty, critique and give constructive feedback from completed/near complete sites. We will focus on Social Media, the largest innovation of the last decade or so and how it's impact on society. We will then educate social media best practices to engage most constructively on such platforms, strong emphasis on th emost inclusive approaches. We will view many different profiles on platforms from content producers to celebrities to get a feel for how people use social media to promote themselves, their products, and their ideas. We will then go about making a LinkedIn profile (if not already created), uploading our resume, linking our portfolio site, and have a LinkedIn Skill Endorsement 'party' where each learner connects and gives an endorsement for every other learner regarding the skills they learned thus far. Learners will be provided with extra materials to help them create higher quality and higher engaging posts. Digital skills aligned with interests/goals (e.g. occupation-specific skills), certifications (e.g. Google/Microsoft Suite), connection to outside resources and systems to continue learning.

Brandon Weygant

Brandon Weygant is a web developer & software engineer by trade, but really a person of many interests. In addition to dabbling in new tech whenever possible, he has also co-written & produced an independent comic, started a podcast (including all the audio set up & editing), and has a history in political activism. With a passion for all things tech, a history of taking on leadership roles wherever he goes, and a deep seeded passion for growth (both for himself and others) Brandon uses his desire to learn as fuel to help those around him grow as well.


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