Data-Driven 103: Using Data Analytics to Inform Small to Medium Business Continuity Planning

Small or medium business (SMB) generates data, lots of data. Are we using it? 

This data is a rich resource but many SMBs are held back from benefiting from that data because of the following factors:

  • SMBs are unable to adopt an analytics approach due to cost or time constraints.
  • Data collection methods are sometimes inefficient or data quality is an issue.
  • Interpreting the data to arrive at insights is also confusing or difficult.
  • Lack of an integrated approach creates pain points because systems do not always  work well together.
  • An efficient automated analytics approach is deemed unattainable.

Do any of the points above sound like concern you have? Are you likely want to learn the data skills yourserlf or to hire someone to do the work for you? 

Take this foundational course and see what works for you.

This introductory course will focus on analyzing data collected from business operations to gain insights into future marketing and customer relationship building opportunities. The workflow described will facilitate decision-making and planning efforts as businesses move towards a stable and thriving business environment. A variety of data analytics and business intelligence techniques (customer segmentation, purchasing behavior, and market basket analysis) will be demonstrated using a step-by-step process in a familiar spreadsheet software, Microsoft Excel and then contrasted with an automated approach using R Studio. Excel templates and data sets will be provided to attendees and all levels of technical skill are welcome.

Attendees will be able to:

  1. Use simple methods for cleaning and preprocessing data.
  2. Use common formulas in Excel to perform data analyses.
  3. Create meaningful visualizations in Excel using charts and graphs.
  4. Identify overarching patterns and trends in the data
  5. Interpret analysis results to gain insight for decision making.
Who Is This Course For? 
  • for the business owner seeking to improve their business, 
  • for the business manager seeking to make data proven decisions and clear reporting,
  • for the individual seeking to upskill to add to their resume.
What Will You Learn? 
Data cleaning, Data analyses, Data Visualizations
Patterns and trends recognition


3 hours
Data Analytics for Small Businesses

Course Schedule:

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