Data Analytics III: Python

In this course, students will learn how to load a data set into Python for analysis. The Python language will be covered to allow the student to become familiar with data analysis techniques accomplished. Specific algorithms and related libraries will be used to develop machine learning models used for prediction. During this course we will start building Machine Learning models.

At the end of the course, student will know:

1.    How to use Python to perform analysis on different size data sets.
2.    How to import data sets from Github.
3.    How to identify and import libraries into Python IDE.
4.    How to create a workflow to perform data analytics in Python.

Consider 3-hour lecture per week, and 4-6 hours per week on quizzes and ongoing real-world projects for homework.


Who Is This Course For? 

for those considering a professional career in Data Analytics field

What Will You Learn? 
Python IDE and libraries for data analysis
How to use Python to perform analysis on different size data sets

Cynthia V. Marcello

Cynthia V. Marcello, DM is a tech solopreneur, software applications developer, data scientist, and business management consultant with 25 years of experience working with small-to-medium businesses, corporations, government, and educational agencies. She has developed data-driven applications for the Department of Defense (logistics), and numerous custom software applications (front-end and back-end) for operations and enterprise materials handling processes of corporations, and order-entry and production systems for online retailers.

5 weeks
Data Analytics Bootcamp

Course Schedule:

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