Customer Development, Segmentation & Profiling

Starting business or just a website, you have to think about customers you'd like to attract.

  • How well do you know your Customers?
  • What drives them to your site or product?
  • Do you know what their journey is? Do you know their jobs, pains and gains?
  • Do you know how to engage them and maintain relationships?

Customer development is a formal methodology for building startups and new corporate ventures. It is one of the three parts that make up a Lean Startup. Luckily, this methodology is very helpful and  applicable to your Marketing Campaigns, Social Media or website development, as well as any Content Writing needs. Developed by serial entrepreneur Steve Blank, Customer Development is the practice of gaining customer insights to generate, test, and optimize ideas for products and services through interviews and structured experiments. It helps build products that customers want and avoid spending time and money on products customers don’t want. It can be used to identify problems and new startup ideas, to test ideas, and to optimize ideas and existing products.

Value Proposition is a secret sause that generate leads and attract your desired customers. How to find the best formula that works?

Everything starts with Customer Development.

We will work with Customer Avatars, create Buyers Personas, and will find their trigger points, motivation and behavioral patterns. 

Who Is This Course For? 

This course is must to take for entrepreneurs at any stage. It will bring new perspective to existing businesses. It will help to create the MVP for your startup and test your assumptions. It will help you to find a niche to serve your customers the best.

What Will You Learn? 
You will learn how to determine a customer avatar with ease and how to build an engagement map.
You will define your ideal customer and will be able to clarify his jobs, pains and gains.
You will get a clear idea how to engage them and to serve them the best.

Your desire to start or improve your product, communication or your venture

3 hours

Course Schedule:

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