Using Data to Solve the Customer Loyalty and Spending Behavior Challenge

Solving the Customer Loyalty and Spending Behavior During Challenge of Economic Uncertainty

2 hours

Intro to App Development. Masterclass

iOS developer Tyler Walker will share his story of abruptly switching career focus towards app development, and then will lead an informal discussion about the tools used and how to get started.  

What does it take for abruptly switching career focus towards app development? 
How to get started? 
What's the difference between Web App development vs Mobile App development? 

We will cover:

2 hours

ADA Compliance for Website: Why is it Important for Your Business?

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, many websites must now be built according to specifications that allow equal access to content for users who live with disabilities that alter how they navigate the World Wide Web. This course provides an orientation to Website Content Accessibility compliance. In a 3-hr discussion, we will examine the following:

Understanding the problem both for users and businesses:

3 hours

Website Development - Part III

Building Blocks of Dynamic Websites

Students will discover the power of dynamic website coding with an introductory examination of PHP and MySQL. In this course, students will implement basic dynamic functions with PHP, and will hand-code a simple PHP-MySQL application to produce a dynamically-generated blog page. Students will examine similarities between their application and open source Content Management Systems like WordPress, and use what they learned to migrate an existing WordPress website.

15 hours

Data Analytics I: Data Sourcing, Feature Engineering and Preprocessing

In this course, students will learn the various methods used to source and load data sets selected for analysis. The features and attributes of data will be reviewed after a data quality assessment has been conducted. Using a variety of data cleaning techniques, students will normalize the data in preparation for feature aggregation, sampling, dimensionality reduction and one hot encoding.
At the end of the course, student will know:

5 weeks

Practical approach to UX/UI

Demand for UX designers is on the rise with a 10-year job growth (2014-24) forecast of 19% according to CNNMoney/Payscale's top 100 careers. The field of User Experience and User Interface web design is one of the most popular areas of expertise in web development / app development today.

15 hours

Data Analytics II: Exploratory Data Analysis

In this course, students will learn about the three main rules of data analysis and the associated statistical concepts relevant to performing different analytical methods. Using insight gaining from the data preprocessing step, students will learn how to identify a simple model with the ideal number of predictor variables.

At the end of the course, student will know:

5 weeks

Intro to WordPress: 101

Introduction to the WordPress Content Management Systems (CMS).

6 hours

Data Analytics III: Python

In this course, students will learn how to load a data set into Python for analysis. The Python language will be covered to allow the student to become familiar with data analysis techniques accomplished. Specific algorithms and related libraries will be used to develop machine learning models used for prediction.

At the end of the course, student will know:

5 weeks

WordPress 301: Plugins

Have you ever wondered how WordPress plugins work? Now is your chance to learn.

Join us for a two-part workshop about WordPress Plugins.

Part 1: What is a plugin? What does it do? How does it do it? How can I use them? 

4 hours