Unplugged Computer Science Fair Recap November 5th

Thank you to everyone who helped organize the CSTA Mid-Hudson Valley and OpenHub Computer Science Day on November 5th! Almost 300 people participated in our day of fun and educational coding/computer science events. 16 tables with different unplugged activities, coding books and prizes were run by amazing Hudson Valley teachers from FDR, Kingston John, Jay Beacon, RCK, and...

Step Into Your Power - learn about your brain type personality

How does your brain process information most efficiently?

What is your Brain Quadrant Dominance?

Just how positive a thinker are you?


HVTechFest's 2020 special guest Julie "Brain Lady" Andersen gave a special workshop How to Use the Science Behind Psychology to Train Your Brain for Greater Success in Business and in Life.. Watch it on YouTube, subscribe HVTechFest channel


brain quadrant

How many tech hub founders have transformed the digital divide?

How many tech hub founders are women?

In her own words, Dr. Yulia Ovchinnikova, founder of OpenHub, Hudson Valley's tech hub tells the history of solutions that transformed the Digital Divide in Russia.

She also talks of language and cultural accessibility issues between English and other alphabets and languages online.

How many tech hub founders can speak first-hand of their...

Pivoteer #5 - Rethinking Remote Education: Maintaining Relationship and Engagement while Socially Distant


Watch the episode on Facebook or on our YouTube: channel here



On Friday, July 10, 2020, OpenHub livestreamed its 5th episode of its webisode series

Pivoteers & Pioneers: Tech-Enabled Recovery in the Age of Social Distancing.

The theme was

Rethinking Remote Education: Maintaining Relationship and Engagement while Socially Distant.

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Hudson Valley’s First Tech Festival and Hackathon to Span Two Campuses this October

This October 11 and 12, my associates and I are holding the first-ever Hudson Valley Tech Festival and Hackathon. Below you can see the press release to describe the events to be held at these two local venues:

  • October 11 is the Festival, to be held at SUNY Orange in Newburgh, NY. 
  • October 12 is the Hackathon, to
  • ...