Data Analytics for Small Businesses

Let's face it: small businesses generate a lot of data, but cannot utilize it.

Data can inform their decision making. How to get there? Where to start?

We started 7/30/2020 with the very interesting topic Solving Customer Loyalty and Spending Behavior using Data as our free Pivoteers 2.0 series. You can watch video replay on YouTube or Facebook, and subscribe to get the free handouts and models. Our experts are happy to assist you with your own data modeling scenario if needed.

What's next then?

We got you covered!

Our regional Data Science Expert and OpenHub Mentor Cynthia Marcello is running this specialty MiniBootcamp for you. Join to learn how you can do it yourself or delegate!



Who Is This Course For? 

Small and Medium Business owners and managers who wants to create a clear metrics of success and measure ROI (Return of Investments) for any action taken.

We call it Data Driven Decision Making.

You do not need to perform all the analysis yourself, - there are fellow co-learners who might be the great fit to do it for you. Joing the group, learn what you need and how it works, and you will be able to make the informed decision about your next steps.


9 hours

Bootcamp Overview

Data-Driven 101: Developing a Data-Driven Small Business Culture

Developing a data-driven culture in the small business is a daunting task, especially during this time of economic recovery. In this hands-on workshop, attendees are introduced to a framework for data-driven decision-making. Using a step-by-step approach, the information used in the planning process is used to transformed into an action plan for implementation.


Course Schedule:

This course is not currently scheduled. Please sign up if you want to get this course soon.

Data-Driven 103: Using Data Analytics to Inform Small to Medium Business Continuity Planning

Small or medium business (SMB) generates data, lots of data. Are we using it? 

This data is a rich resource but many SMBs are held back from benefiting from that data because of the following factors:




Course Schedule:

Starting Wednesday, December 2, 2020 - 6:00pm
146 3rd Street
Newburgh, NY 12550
This course is part of a bootcamp: Data Analytics for Small Businesses
All class dates:
Dec 2, Dec 9