Step Into Your Power - learn about your brain type personality

brain quadrant

How does your brain process information most efficiently?

What is your Brain Quadrant Dominance?

Just how positive a thinker are you?


HVTechFest's 2020 special guest Julie "Brain Lady" Andersen gave a special workshop How to Use the Science Behind Psychology to Train Your Brain for Greater Success in Business and in Life.. Watch it on YouTube, subscribe HVTechFest channel

Your brain is It is uniquely wired with NATURAL gifts that make up the wonderful person you are. For A Better Understanding of Who You Are and Why You Do What You Do.
More importantly it will help you identify Your NATURAL Gifts!
If we fail to validate our own Brain Personality Connection, we will never truly thrive in our life and relationships. Worst case…we could literally shorten our life. 

She provided the tests allowing participants to evaluate Brain Quadrant Dominance
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