How Data Can Empower your Hudson Valley Business

Thursday, July 30 6:00 pm Data Driven Hudson Valley

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Which tech is right for your business? Which form will it take?
Who is a trustworthy source for information and resources?
Where to get retrained? With what does one start?
An existing platform? Purchasing Software?
Investing in Hardware? Retraining staff? All of the above?

Please join us Thursday, July 30, 2020
6:00 – 7:00 pm

Data-Driven Hudson Valley:

How Data Can Empower your Business

featuring Dr. Cynthia Marcello, Data Engineer and Data Small Business Specialist

“In many cases, business owners or managers feel powerless when it comes to technology. There is confusion around data and the availability of powerful and affordable solutions for Small and Medium Business owners.”

- Dr. Cynthia Marcello, Data Engineer and Data Small Business Specialist

This episode will feature guidance and solutions for Small and Medium Business owners, SMB’s. Dr. Marcello will demystify what it means to be ‘data-driven’, what is ‘open data’, and available and solutions for SMB’s. Dr. Marcello uses a ‘one-step-at-a-time’ approach, a model that allows SMB’s to experience small successes along the way to build efficacy for the long term.

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About Pivoteers 2.0:

Pivoteers 2.0 is a webisode series that empowers Hudson Valley businesses to exchange ideas about how technology can improve our existing operations. Tech may be driving our futures, but businesses need tech that  is accessible financially, with short learning curves, and smooth on-boarding.

Open Hub is an open eco-system resource center, committed to building a tech-sector in the Hudson Valley. Partnering with stakeholders, businesses and talent we promote, train and facilitate towards the growth of a thriving tech-driven economy.

Open Hub is happy to produce Pivoteers 2.0 our investigation to discover Pivoteers for the HVTechFest in October, 2020 and  as our way of supporting the economic recovery of the entire Hudson Valley.