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Google Developer Communities are powerful - see what was produced by North America GDGs so far:

Between the Brackets is a monthly video podcast-style show from the North America Developer Ecosystem team in which we discuss Google tech, community requested developer topics, and answer your questions every month. 

For the next one  - September 15, 2022 at 1:00 PM  RSVP here:

Road To Google Cloud Certification

Interested in becoming Google Cloud certified? GDG Hudson, GDG Lawrence, and GDG NYC are offering a Road to Certification program. This is designed for people who want to prepare for a Google Cloud certification. Join us to learn and prepare for the Associate Cloud Engineer certification over the next 3 months.
The Certification Study Group offers:

  • 6 live and instructor-led sessions to go through certification content and exam questions.
  • An online community where you can ask questions and share your knowledge.
  • Video courses and hands-on training on Cloud Skills Boost, the Google Cloud training platform.
  • Free access to Cloud Skills Boost for 3 calendar months

You can watch some recorded meetings here:


Google Earth Engine Series

System Design Series

Slides on GitHub

  • How To Build YouTube From Scratch: (how to build big apps like YouTube?)
  • How To Build Instagram From Scratch: (system design of Instagram with GCP: designed posts, following, comments, likes)
  • How To Build WhatsApp From Scratch: (system design of WhatsApp with GCP: designed private/group messaging, user status updates, phone calls)

What does it take to build and release a large-scale, highly-available site like YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp? As expected, scale changes things. What is surprising for most developers is where that change is mandated when building large-scale software. The answer is not in adding in more bells and whistles but instead shifting focus back to the first principles that most engineers learn in their first semester of college. 

In this series, we are going to work through a series of thought exercises that starts with a locally developed YouTube’esque application and takes us to a fully deployed enterprise version of that application. The goal is to reframe a few deceptively simple principles that can be overlooked into a practical mental model that you can start applying to your architecture immediately.