Data Analytics II - course experience

We were so impressed by seeing this  week's team competition for Data Analytics II. Where has the time gone?

Excited to see the course finished with great learning results demonstrated! Amazing growth revealed during the Team competition - you can share our excitedment watching it here:

Saying that, let us summarize the experience.
Here are just some of the skills learned in this course:

  • - How to set up #Github (local and remote repository) for the project.
  • - How to use Google Colab to create #Python Notebooks.
  • - How to use exploratory data analysis to better understand the AirBNB NYC dataset.
  • - How to perform #featureEngineering to transform values in a dataset to meaningful features for analysis.
  • - How to create functions to efficiently perform repetitive tasks.
  • - How to detect and impute or remove outliers.
  • - How to create #visualizations that show the distribution of the data.
  • - How to create a linear regression model to predict product prices.
  • - How to use SQL to filter a dataset for further analysis.

And the list goes on!!! You all should be very proud of your accomplishments! I have witnessed each week as you learn additional skills and it makes me smile to see such amazing growth!

Office Hours – each week in office hours we had great conversations, problem-solving, epiphanies (a-ha moments), concept-building, and expansion of knowledge, and much more.

Post-Class Demonstration Videos – each week a demo video is created to walk you through the steps to accomplish specific skills in data analytics. The channel on YouTube can be visited as often as is necessary to refresh your understanding or to practice once more.

Slack Channel – this valuable resource has grown and continues to grow. Additional resources will be posted in the next course for you to bookmark and add to your Data Analytics Tool Kit! Using the various Slack channels, you can work with one another, receive guidance from your mentor

We have witnessed each week as you learn additional skills and it makes us happy to see such amazing growth!
#problemsolving epiphanies (a-ha moments), concept-building, #codinig, #dataanalysis.