Coding as a real life skill

Everyone knows: Digital skills are job skills. Even if you don't end up writing code in future ventures, the knowledge you gain in a coding bootcamp can help you land your next career opportunity.

And let me aks you, why Karate studios are so popular? Can you gain a job skill studying karate or other kind of martial arts? Hmmm. It looks like you do this to maintain you body well, get some fun, get new friends and.... Yes, it will help you in your life long journey as one more points of awareness, good life skill. Same is true when you think about coding.

You train your brain the same way you train your body. You build new points of awareness. You learn how to talk with machines. You learn new languages. You learn to think structurally while thinking how to talk with machines through algoriths and processes. 

If you believe Coding is a real life skill, You are one of the Coding Nomades we want to see around. Learning Coding you learn how to think. You train your brain think and plan algorithmically. Step 1, step 2, step 3.., If Step 4has options / fails, then do Step X. IF - THEN. Call Function Z OnClick.  IF Checkbox is clicked GoTo Directory X and DO...

Welecome to the Club! 

Let's get together and Code Together! #HudsonValleyCanCode

Happy Coding!