2022 Summer Immersive Newburgh Girls Code Club recap

Newburgh Girls Who Code

We are so proud of our girls from Newburgh Girls Code Club learning and growing through coding projects, gaining more confidence through their experience of growth in our supportive environment! Technology, empowernemnt, and sisterhood-building activities were highlighted as the key instruments for leadership. Through the Summer Immersive two-weeks bootcamp girls learned web development and were able to build their projects from scratch with HTML, CSS and JS, working on the online hosting platform Glitch. Check their projects, they looks so professional! These projects reflect what girls are interested and passionate about.

  1. 13 y.o. Julianna De La Rosa built website: Ten women who changed the world
  2. 13 y.o. Crystal Lozano was excited to create this Cute Animals collection
  3. Zuri Yeboa (9 y.o.) shared her passion about astrology by buikding a Zodiac signs website
  4. Iyana Lewis (14 y.o.) created this multipage website addressing racism
  5. 9 y.o. Amela Mullins created a collection of fun characters she had so much fun with while building
  6. Alyssa Stinson turned out to be the snake expert while integrating a Python chat-bot into her website
  7. 10 y.o. Kioni Mortimer 's passion about cats went viral. While Kioni got excited building this Funny cats image collection embedding her other Scratch project, her friends Martha and Nicole created their own cats centric collections:
  8. Check Why I like cats by 12 y.o. Martha Vazquez, and 
  9. Crazy cats by her sister Nicole, 9 y.o..
  10. 9 y.o. Maria Alvarado created this colorful webiste to share all her collections in one spot
  11. 11 y.o. Octave Seraile Yam  created this website about animation
  12. Arsheen Sethi was excited to create her first baking and cooking website with her favorite recepies.

All girls received their certificates and prizes. They are fostering in the girls centered environment, getting new skills, friends and confidence.

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* * *

Technology is one of the fastest growing industries today and one of the things we need most of in it is women. At NGCC we want to bring women into tech and bring tech to Hudson Valley so we are starting with the young girls of Newburgh! 

This is our third year running the Newburgh Girls Code Club and we are excited to say that yet another group of promising young women has graduated from our Summer Immersive semester. We host Spring, Summer and Fall semesters, check with the library when is the next cohort is scheduled.

Openhub strives to find ways to uplift the local community through tech education and we are so glad that we could bring that, and more, to these girls. They learned to empower themselves, and in the true spirit of leadership, uplift others too. Every girl, from our bubbliest to our quietest, learned to find her voice and developed her leadership skills, all while learning valuable coding skills that will provide a successful future in technology. 

We take pride in our progress over perfection, fun-filled approach to learning and are thrilled that it provided a safe and enriching environment for these girls to take their first (or second or third etc) steps into the amazing world of tech! Congratulations to every single girl who joined us in the Newburgh Girls Code Club, and thank you to all of the mentors who came to provide them with the valuable knowledge and life skills that they gained. 


            Learn more about NGCC here, and keep up with us on LinkedInFacebook, Twitter, and the Newburgh Free Library website!